Disaster Services for Bexley from FloodResponse911

When you purchase a home you may not think of the possibilities for a disaster, but most homes face the possibility of damage from fire, wind, rain, mudslides and flooding. There’s also hail, tornadoes, earthquakes and more to consider. Bexley, Ohio homes face these and other disasters each year.

According to the statistics compiled at Bexley Statistics Data. Bexley ranks slightly above the natural average for Tornadoes and other natural disasters. With the high possibility of wind damage, snow storms and spring floods Bexley homes are definitely at risk.

Water Damage in Bexley

There are several sources of water damage, flooding, appliances, leaky pipes; broken toilets etc. can cause water damage inside your home. The moisture from these sources of water damage can seep into flooring, drywall, carpeting and other materials where mildew and mold can take hold. Mold remediation services are necessary to dry and clean these surfaces and stop the growth of harmful molds.

Wet drywall is not structurally sound and can also harbor mold and other bacterial growth. Drying and removal of unsalvageable sections is necessary to secure the safety and cleanliness of your property as well as restore your home to structural integrity.

Wet carpet can often be saved if dried and cleaned promptly. FloodResponse911 will respond within 60 minutes of an emergency call. Our disaster recovery team will take care of all types of water damage restoration in and about your property.

Bexley Flooding Problems

Besides the spring thaw and heavy rains, many things around the home can cause flooding as well. Toilet overflow, busted water heater or broken pipes can quickly flood a room or an entire floor of your home. Cleaning up after a flood requires special equipment to remove excess water, clean the surfaces and dry the area. FloodResponse911 will take the necessary precautions and steps to clean and restore your home after water damage or flooding. We will also:

  • Inspect and appraise damage, give estimates and work with your insurance company
  • Remove debris
  • Restore and repair the structure of your home
  • Extract, dry and clean up all water damage
  • Help inventory and assess damages to your belongings

When your Bexley, OH home is facing a disaster due to nature or other means, call for an emergency response. Don’t wait for an emergency; call us any time to schedule an appointment to discuss our other services to make your home safe and welcoming.

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