Flooding Basement Cleanup in Columbus Oh

There’s nothing that will ruin your day quite like stepping into the basement and finding a few inches of water. There are several causes of basement water problems, from busted pipes to flooding and broken sump pumps.

Many of us use our basements for storage so the first thing that enters your mind when you encounter a flooded basement is probably concern for boxes and belongings. The first thing to do is make sure the basement is safe to enter. Cut off all electricity and running water to the basement. The next step is to identify the source and stop the water if possible. Now that you’ve taken care of that you get the fun task of preparing to deal with your basement water damage.

Flooded Basement Cleanup Columbus OH

Getting your belongings out of the water and drying them out is a big challenge, but it’s important to salvage as much as you can as quickly as you can. Water becomes absorbed by many materials including the walls of your basement- so clearing out the area for professional flooded basement cleanup.

Flooded Basement Water Problems Columbus OH

The drywall or even cinderblock of your basement may have absorbed water from your flooding basement. There could be contamination and infection growing in the standing water, mold and mildew may begin to form on damp items. Sweeping and sucking the water out is the first step to getting your basement flooding controlled, dried up and the area restored to its former usability.

Basement Floods Columbus OH

Professional basement flood cleanup services will be able to use special equipment to dry out your basement, repair or replace drywall, clean and restore any carpeting you have while working to preserve the structure of your home and prevent mold and mildew or bacteria from growing.

The sooner you call FloodResponse911 the sooner you can make use of your flooded basement. We serve Columbus, Ohio and many surrounding areas.

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