Stop Water Heater Flooding with Columbus Water Heater Flood Experts

A cold shower may be the first clue that you have a leaky water heater. The water heater flooded basement is a dead giveaway. When you discover you’re your water heater has sprung a leak, you need to act quickly. Water damage can occur with a surprisingly small amount of water – something water heaters are not known for.

Water Heater Flood in Columbus OH

When a water heater flood threatens to damage your Columbus Oh property, act quickly by calling a reputable water remediation company to stop the leak and clean the water. Left even a short time, water can seep into drywall, wood floors, beams and joists and weaken your home structurally. Mold and mildew can begin to grow in small spaces you cannot see or reach with the typical equipment a homeowner might have on hand. A professional team with the appropriate equipment and experience can deal with the water heater leak and its aftermath.

Leaky Hot Water Tank

Detecting a leaky hot water tank can sometimes be a bit like playing detective. A shortage of hot water when you expect there to be more could be a sign of a slow leak. Depending on where your hot water tank is kept, it may be difficult to detect the leak but even a small amount of moisture around the tank is cause for concern.

A more serious water heater flooding occurs when rust eats through the tank or some of it components and a rupture occurs. This is usually experienced as a gush of hot water when the tank gives way and a 20, 30 or more gallons of water come pouring out. A water heater flooded area has to be cleaned professionally. Not only is it critical to remove all the moisture but rust deposits from inside the tank can stain carpeting and furniture.

A flooded water heater is an emergency that FloodResponse911 can competently handle for you. If you are in need of immediate assistance, call FloodResponse911 day or night. Visit their website to learn about other restoration services they offer at

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