FloodResponse911 Provides Disaster Recovery for Worthington

Wind, storms, fire and flooding are not the types of things most people contemplate when they are buying a home but these things can have devastating effects. Add to that the snow, hail, tornadoes and other weather conditions common to Worthington, and home disaster becomes a very real possibility.

According to the data available at Worthington Statistics, Worthington gets 30% more rain during the rainy season than the rest of the country. It also experiences nearly 60% more snow than other parts of the nation and has an 82% greater chance of having a tornado than elsewhere in the U.S. Spring floods, high winds, heavy snow and other weather conditions mean living in Worthington puts you in the crosshairs of a disaster sooner or later.

Water Damage in Worthington

Water damage in the home can come from leaky pipes, broken appliances, overflowing toilets and a variety of other sources. When water damage occurs, moisture seeps into tiny spaces in flooring, drywall and furnishings where it can foster the growth of harmful bacteria and molds. If water has been allowed to settle into carpeting and walls, mold remediation services are needed to restore your home to a fit-for-living-in condition.

This type of water damage is responsible for wet drywall becoming unsound. Drywall that is saturated can collapse. It can also harbor mold. Drying and removal of damaged areas should be commenced as soon as possible.

The same can be true of wet carpet. If it is treated quickly, it can often be saved. From the time we receive your call, FloodResponse911 can be on site within 60minutes and working to save your carpet and other parts of your home.

Worthington Flooding Problems

Broken hot water tanks, backed up sewage, even the spring thaws and rain can cause flooding in your home that makes it unlivable. Whether the flooding is limited to a single room, the entire basement or larger sections of your home, quick response is what you need to minimize the damage. Equipment specially designed for this type of work is used to remove the water and dry the area. Cleaning and debris removal are also necessary to reduce the chance of contamination from sewage or mold growth from other types of flooding.

FloodResponse911 has the equipment, expertise and response teams to restore your home to its former comfort. We can also help with the following services:

  • Inspect and appraise damage, give estimates and work with your insurance company
  • Remove debris
  • Restore and repair the structure of your home
  • Extract, dry and clean up all water damage
  • Help inventory and assess damages to your belongings

When you are facing an emergency in you Worthington home, call us to get a disaster response team on site as soon as possible.

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